Ewa Ewart, a renowned documentary filmmaker and a laureate of numerous prestigious awards, reveals behind the scenes of her outstanding films. She risked life while reaching some of the most dangerous spots on earth. She was always there where the history was in the making. It is full of emotions and a story of a strong, yet a sensitive woman  ”

„Czerwone i Czarne”, publisher


It is a story of the fascinating life of a fascinating person. (…)  Ewa Ewart proves that work can bring fulfillment.(…) Her films, her adventures, the people she had met and spoken to quicken reader’s heartbeat, bring excitement and revulsion all the same – just to mention her film on Beslan or North Korea. It is an excellent, moving book, worth reading” Paulina.

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Ewa Ewart: WidziałamEwa Ewart: WidziałamEwa Ewart: Widziałam