Ten unusual conversations that break the taboo of death. Ewa Ewart talks with her guests about life after death, reincarnation, coma, clinical death, psychedelics, dreams, hypnosis and out-of-body travel, as well as such difficult topics like suicide and death of children.

As Ewa Ewart writes: „I invite you to talk about what we we run away from; Let’s talk about death. It makes us fear, and often panic. We irrationally pretend it does not exist and we believe that death happens to others. Yet death is the surest element of any life. I talk to psychologists, doctors, artists, Buddhists and exorcists, and to people who came back to us from the other side. Together we confront the process of passing away and leaving this plane of reality. I invite you to join me on a fascinating journey to the other side of fear.”

„Czerwone i Czarne” – Publisher