Ewa Ewart: Widziałam | Ewa Ewart, a renowned documentary filmmaker and a laureate of numerous prestigious awards, reveals the inside story behind of her outstanding films. She risked life while reaching some of the most dangerous spots on earth. She was always there where the history was in the making. It is full of emotions and a story of a strong, yet a sensitive woman


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„Ewa Ewart poleca” („Ewa Ewart recommends”) is an original TVN 24 magazine show, which presents some of the most interesting documentaries, featuring significant, diverse and always thought provoking topics.

For the last few years in our series, we have been presenting to our viewers the world around us, more broadly and in greater detail than it can be observed on a daily basis. We choose films, which reflect the most important current events and phenomena, and enrich as well as complement our knowledge. Our choices include documentaries made by the most prominent world directors, who work for the best TV stations and production companies. We strive to make our series the most important one for the Polish audiences where the viewers can follow programs, which touch upon the most significant and relevant aspects of our present day; in politics, culture, sport, religion, science, and medicine. We guide ourselves by a motto, which says that „the world is forever fascinating and enticing,” so in each of our shows we will present more and more of it.

„Ewa Ewart Poleca” is co-hosted by Ewa Ewart and Jacek Stawiski.

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